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During the integration and merger of states after India’s independence, the firman of which of the following rulers was rejected by the Government of India terming it a “legalistic claim of doubtful validity”?
Who among the following was the leader of Mahagujarat Movement?
Which among the following is India’s first ministry to have an account on twitter?
Bandung Conference which was an important step toward the crystallization of the Non-Aligned Movement was organized by Asian and African states, most of which were newly independent. Which among the following participant of the Bandung Conference in 1955,  was not an independent state at that time?
One of our Prime Ministers , Mr. IK Gujral had propounded a doctrine in early nineties which has come to be known as “Gujral Doctrine”. Which among the following statements gives an economic essence of Gujral Doctrine?
  • A. India viewed the South Asian Region as one economic entity and emphasizes on the multilateral trade concessions
  • B. India offered to create a South Asia Free Trade Region with this doctrine
  • C. India offered to sign Free Trade Agreements with its smaller neighbors and was successful in signing such an agreement with Sri Lanka
  • D. India offered unilateral concessions and benefits to all its neighbors, without expecting them to make reciprocal gestures to India
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